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Lucas & Lewellen

Santa Barbara, CA

Starting in 1975 what started as a friendship became a life-long partnership, converging on the belief in the quality of Santa Barbara.  Over the next 30 years they would acquire over 400 acres of vineyards with the goal of staying true to Santa Barbara’s cool climate style. Vineyards like Los Alamos, Goodchild and Valley View would soon become the foundation and backbone to create their coastal quality spanning the micro-climates across Santa Maria Valley, Los Alamos Valley and Santa Ynez Valley. 
Santa Barbara County has a history of wine making and wine grape growing stretching back more than 200 years to before California was a state. From the Mission Era of early California through the Ranchero and Pueblo Era, struggling through Prohibition to the beginning of the modern era of wine making that started in the 60’s.

Santa Barbara County is different than any other wine growing region in the world. Here, the east-west orientation of the coastal mountains forms valleys opening directly to the Pacific Ocean. This unique topography allows the flow of fog and ocean breezes to shape distinct micro-climates, perfect for the cultivation of classic grape varietals and world class wines.

The 50 miles stretching from Point Conception to Rincon constitutes the longest east-west traverse of shoreline from Alaska to Cape Horn. The Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains form a unique coastal range - the inland ebb and flow of fog and ocean breezes make the region one of the coolest vinicultural areas in California. This means that the fruit has an unusually long "hang time" on the vine, allowing it to fully develop the acids, flavors and tannins needed to produce wines of distinctive character.

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