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Luca Bosio

Piedmont, Italy

Charismatic and dynamic Luca Bosio is the third generation of his family to tend to the approximately 60 acres of gently sloping hillsides that was bought by his grandparents in 1967 in the center of the Langhe district of  Italy’s Northeastern Piedmont region. 

Raised among the vines, Luca also inherited from his parents and grandparents a “native intelligence” for farming and a particular talent for growing grapes.  He expanded on his natural talents by studying oenology at the fabled University of Turin.  From his studies, Luca brought back to the vineyards and winery technological innovations that include the development and use of native yeasts and to decrease the use of chemical additives like sulphur dioxide.   He developed theories on the best ways to preserve the aroma and structure of wines as diverse as Moscato and Barolo.

Not content to end his academic studies and quest for knowledge with the Italian equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Oenology, Luca also became a Masters of Oenology.  While working on his Masters, he brought a wave of freshness and novelty, both in the technological and commercial arenas, that have led to great success for the family’s wines.  Thus, in 2012, when Luca was 25 years old, the family recognized his tireless efforts by changing the name of the winery to Luca Bosio Vineyards and entrusting this very young man, just out of University, with the family’s legacy. 

Since then, Luca has rewarded their faith in him by increasing the family’s vineyard holdings to nearly 1,000 acres in neighboring parts of the Piedmont, where the Italian varietals Gavi, Barbera, Barbaresco and Moscato grow best.   In 2015, Luca ventured into the Piedmont’s best-known region for growing the Nebbiolo grape, where Italy’s famed Barolo wines are developed, with the purchase of the well-known Bel Colle winery and vineyards.    After some necessary renovations to the winery and cellars, Luca’s stewardship has added to the label’s long list of accolades (90+ ratings and Gold Medals in the world’s wine media, Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso).  In return, Bel Colle has given the self-described “grape academic” new areas of exploration, such as studying the great heritage of  Nebbiolo poliphenols (natural chemical compounds in plants that protect them against ultraviolet light and provide the attractive colors of the grapes, leaves and vines).    Luca also has become enamored of “riserva” wines...recently releasing a Barbaresco aged 11 years in wood barrels, and “raising the bar” in Moscato production by creating an old vines, single vineyard Moscato d’Asti that required using all his knowledge and study of safeguarding the aromatic profile of the Moscato grape.   In 2016, Luca spent time in France’s Champagne region meeting with winemakers and “chefs de cave” to help him develop a “high-end” sparkling wine from Pinot Noir grapes grown at high altitudes (700 to 900 meters above sea level) in the Langhe Hills.

What the now 33 year old Luca Bosio has accomplished in less than fifteen years at the helm of his eponymous winery (including getting married) is a laudable testament to his youth, innate intelligence and curiosity that has him constantly looking for ways to “push the envelope” with Italian grapes and the wines made from them.

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