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Outlot Wines

Sonoma County, California


Outlot wines are a tribute to Sonoma’s rich agricultural heritage. Named in tribute to the special area outside Healdsburg called the Magnolia Peninsula, where farmers fought to protect the land as agricultural, Outlot wines offer three distinct varietals priced within the fast growing premium category - a zesty Sauvignon Blanc, luscious Chardonnay, refreshing Rosé, and sumptuous Cabernet Sauvignon.
The 'Magnolia Peninsula', an area located just outside downtown Healdsburg, has a long and rich history filled with stories of great ranches and exclusive resorts. Famous for its rich soil, nurseries and orchards thrived here from the late 1800s, ultimately giving way to the vineyards that are abundant in the area today. Threatened by development in the early 1970s, farmers fought to protect the land, which to this day, remains agricultural. Outlot wines are a tribute to this very special area and rich agricultural heritage, capturing the spirit of the land and the sentiment of preservation.


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