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Obsession Symphony with Apple


Enjoy tart green apples with a crisp bite that has a clean, fresh flavor. Serve chilled.

Wine Facts

Obsession Wines have always been a signature for the Kautz family and Ironstone Vineyards. The selection of Symphony as the base wine and the choice of natural and organic fruit flavors to complement this wine was the genesis of Obsession Fruit Infused Wines. The low alcohol and the sweetness of the fruit is balanced with higher acidity and increased carbonation for flavor and texture. Our Winemaking team lead by Steve Millier and Liza Yurovich and collaboration with David Crippen, Han Han and Natale Gagliardo was to infuse and create a style that would be fun and flavorful. Become infatuated with our seductive blend of Symphony and natural apple flavors..

Although practicing “sustainability” in the vineyards for over 35 years, they were officially certified in 2018 and 2019 through the California Sustainable Viticulture Certification. Crop reduction, leaf removal, organic materials and drip irrigation for water management have all been used throughout our vineyards. Additionally, cover crops which attract beneficial insects, as well as owl and wood duck boxes placed around the vineyards and ponds help preserve the surrounding habitats.

Cocktail Ideas
Enjoy tart green apples with a crisp bite that has a clean, fresh flavor. Serve chilled.

Producer: Obsession Wines
Region: California
Country: United States
Wine Composition: Symphony Grape with Apple Fruit Infused
Alcohol: 5%

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