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Famille Bouey

Bordeaux, France

Our family has long been rooted deeply in the Médoc, where Aquitaine tapers out between the Atlantic and the Gironde Estuary. The Bouey Family has tended vines since 1821 - tended, not merely owned. Like any other priceless heirloom, we are merely keeping the vines fruitful and alive for the generations to come.  In this way, the family’s core values of careful vine -growing and skillful wine-making have been preserved and handed down along the line. These values are as relevant today as they ever have been, and we understand the importance of creating wine in harmony with nature. We strive to protect and nurture the earth and our biodiversity, preserving our ancestral skills while extracting the best from new technology.
We believe in creating and spreading our passion for Bordeaux wines around the world, laying the foundations for the next generation to do the same. This next generation must retain this ethos and identity while forging closer bonds to our land, our values and the people closest to us. Indeed, we strive to do the same on a daily basis, sharing this same aspiration with the hundred-strong team at Maison Bouey.
Since they first began planting in the Médoc two hundred years ago, the Bouey Family has been justifiably proud of their exceptional vine-growing land and the exceptional estates that work them.The Bouey Family and Stéphane Derenoncourt work together on these six Château estates and apply methods whose focus is the earth itself. They know that the type of soil and sub-soil below that will determine how the vine grows and the wine develops. Here in the Médoc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are by far the dominant grape varieties, with the occasional plot of Petit Verdot and Cot, otherwise known as Malbec.

Each Château, and sometimes each individual plot, has its own unique proportion of chalk, sand, clay, silt and gravel in its soil. The sheer variety of soil types, both at the surface and deeper underneath, will have a direct impact on how quickly the earth warms up in spring, how much water it can retain, the nourishment it affords the vine, the soil acidity and even the micro-climate around that particular plot. Moreover, it will govern how the grapes ripen and their composition, from their aromatic diversity to the quality and quantity of their tannins.
In 1821, Jean Bouey bought the family’s first vines in the heart of the Médoc. His descendants, running down through the Bouey and Delhomme lines, would branch out into every part of the vine-growing business and take positions in some of the most prestigious estates in the Médoc.
The 20th century was a turning point for the Bouey Family. Roger Bouey’s life spanned the entire century (from 1901-2000), and his lasting legacy was the merchant company he founded with his sons, Serge and André. In 1958, Maison Bouey was born.
Maison Bouey is now one of the last independent, family-owned wine trading companies left in Bordeaux. The sole shareholders are Patrick and Jacques Bouey, ensuring the family retains total control. All this helps guarantee our clients and partners a strong, close relationship with a fully independent company.


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