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Sonoma & Napa Valley, California

Eponymous Wines was founded in 2000. This tongue-in-cheek named label is the brainchild of Robert (Bob) Pepi. After selling the Robert Pepi Winery in 1994, he lost the ownership of his “name.” Not one to give in to the word “no,” in essence, he reclaimed his moniker by naming his new wine “Eponymous,” whose dictionary definition means “one for whom or which something is or believed to be named.” Clever, huh?

Bob uses both Napa and Sonoma fruit in his wine blends, sourced from above the valley floor. He is also a well-known consulting winemaker, working with wineries in Chile, Argentina, Texas and Colorado, and because of this, he manages two harvests per year. He gives true meaning to the phrase “flying winemaker,” and with his global outlook, embraces many varieties, including Syrah, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and a Pinot Blanc-Riesling co-fermented blend.

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