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Villa de Varda

Trentino, Italy


The Dolzan family, now in its fifth generation, is led by Michele Dolzan alongside his brother Mauro and their father and president of Villa de Varda, Luigi Dolzan. The family has owned their vineyards and have been producing wines and grappa since 1678. Villa de Varda is located in the Trentino region at the foot of the Alps and is situated in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana, a wide alluvial plain crossed by the Noce and the Adige rivers. This area has a long history in the art of winemaking that dates back to 6th century BC where archaeologists have discovered many artifacts including Situla that were bronze vessels used for wine offerings to the gods. The vineyards, cultivated using the pergola system, have well-drained fertile soil, rich in calcareous and porphyritic elements (a geological term used to describe igneous rocks that have distinct difference in the size of their crystals). The climate is a blend of continental and Mediterranean. The summers are mild with considerable temperature ranges between night and day which contributes greatly to the complexity of the grapes from which the best pomace is derived for making Grappa.

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