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Casa Rossa Rosso


3 Rings Reserve Shiraz

Ruby red in color, Casa Rossa Rosso has intense floral aromas of roses along with strawberries and raspberries. With fine structure and strong flavors, the wine is sweet and very fragrant, delicate and harmonious on the palate.

Wine Facts

Winemaker Notes
Casa Rossa Rosso is made from Brachetto grapes cultivated in Alessandria Province, in the Eastern part of the Piedmont region. The soil is calcareous white marl with streaks of sand and sandstone. The vines have a southeast to western exposure and are cultivated via the classic Guyot method. A rich, thick and sweet must is created after a short maceration period of 24 hours at low temperature. Following maceration, the must undergoes a short fermentation in autoclaves, using the Charmat method, and is then rapidly chilled to a temperature just above freezing to stop the yeast activity and racked off the sediment. Once the wine is ready to ship, a secondary fermentation takes place and the wine is bottled. This winemaking process results in a fresh, bright and aromatic wine.

Serving Hints
Casa Rossa Rosso makes a lovely aperitif and is also a great accompaniment to salads as well as spicy, savory and sweet dishes. Best served chilled.

Producer: Casa Rossa Rosso
Country: Italy
Wine Composition: 100% Brachetto
Alcohol: 4.5%
Residual Sugar: 110 G/L
pH: 3.20

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